General rules.

1. No cheating of ANY sort.

The use of "Hacked Clients" (any kind), autoclickers, macros or unapproved mods or resource-packs is NOT allowed and will result in a global suspension from the network. Clicking methods such as "butterfly clicking" or "drag clicking" are highly discouraged and NOT ALLOWED, since they could result in a console ban. If you were banned for "butterfly clicking" or "drag clicking" you will NOT be unbanned. 

2. Do NOT lie to staff.

If you are caught lying to ANY of the official staff, you WILL be punished.

3. Advertising.

Advertising any other server is NOT allowed. Posting the IP of another server that is NOT related to the network:

Posting links to pornographic images, or sites, screamers or shock sites will result in a punishment:

4. Abusing or exploting "bugs" or "glitches".

Abusing a server related "bug" or client related will result in a punishment.

This includes, but is NOT limited to the following:

If you find a bug, report it to the staff by making a ticket on our support system as soon as you can and you will be rewarded. 

5. VPNs or proxies are NOT allowed.

The use of proxies or Virtual Private Network(s) is NOT allowed UNLESS you were given permission by the server operators. 

6. Using alternative accounts.

Using an alternative account while playing with your main account or in order to bypass a punishment on your main account is NOT allowed UNLESS you were given permission by the server operators.

Both accounts will recieve a punishment.


Ban evading:

Chat rules.

1. Spamming.

Spamming is NOT allowed. If you are caught spamming, you WILL be punished.

2. No hackusating in chat.

Use /report or /helpop instead. 

3. Toxicity / Racism / Bigotry.

Toxicity, racism or bigotry will NOT be tolerated. Behaving inappropriately in chat includes, but isn't limited to:

If we consider you a toxic player, you will be removed.

4. Trading.

Selling accounts or capes, or trading in-game items for IRL money is NOT allowed.

5. Doxing / DDoS (Threats included)

Will result in an immediate global-non appealable blacklist upon our knowledge.


1. This rule list can be changed anytime.

2. It is the player's responsibility to keep up with these.

3. Keep in mind that any staff member has the power to soften or harden the punishments listed above.

Last updated on November 19, 2017 by Placemat